Colorado Angel Network

The community for investing in startups from small-town Colorado.

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Launching summer of 2023.

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Hi, I'm Spencer Ingram. I've had the privilege of working around the world allocating capital to early-stage startups.

For Founders Seeking Funding

Funding from the Colorado Angel Network will open in summer of 2023.

Come talk to us about your funding strategy and if angel investment might be a fit for your business. We exclusively work with founders outside of the front-range cities.

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Hi, I'm Spencer, director for CAN. I'll be in touch with you soon about your request.Return to homepage.

Is this an investment fund?

No. As a member, you will independently choose which companies you want to invest in. We will bring you a variety of deals each quarter.

Do I have to be an accredited investor?

No. Thanks to new rules from the SEC, we are making investing in local community startups available to everyone in our community.

Is there management carry?

No. All investment returns flow back to investors.

Is CAN industry specific?

No. We work with founders building all kinds of business that may generate returns for investors.

How much money can a company raise?

Our sweet spot is $1OOK to $2OOK.

Is there a member directory?

No. We do not publish a membership directory. However, CAN will help facilitate introductions with member permission.

Do you invest anywhere in Colorado?

No. We work exclusively with founders outside of the front-range urban corridor. We call this 'greater Colorado'.